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The PORT-22 allows you to easily implement your own solutions based on the OSD-50HD device.

Port-22 has connectors to which you can insert OSD-50 and test them or, for example, update the software.

The device allows to connect ARDUINO or NUCLEO and match existing protocols based on RS-485 or RS-232.


Support: OSD-50HD
Number of video inputs: 1  x Cable terminals
Number of video outputs: 1  x Cable terminals
Range RS-485: 1200 m terminal connector
Built-in stabilizer:
PCB casing:
  • RS-485,
  • RS-485 TTL,
  • Arduino,
  • STM Nucleo,
  • Service buttons – 6 pcs
Power supply: 12 V / 200 mA (power adapter not included)
Communication using optional devices:
  • RS-485 switch
  • Micro SD – Card
Weight: 0.03 kg
Dimensions: 90  x 48  x 20 mm
Guarantee: 2 years

1. Socket compatible with ARDUINO NANO and STM NUCLEO
2. Video input and output
3. Port RS-485
4. Power supply DC 12V/200mA
5. Configuration connector

2. Video input and output
3. Port RS-485
4. Power supply DC 12V/200mA
6. Connector compatible with the OSD-50HD
7. Service buttons

RS-485 direct connection to the OSD-50HD - for example for the OSD-50HD hardware update:

RS-485 connection to the ARDUINO / NUCLEO:

Direct sensors connection to the ARDUINO / NUCLEO:

An example of connecting a temperature sensor:

1. Temperature sensor
2. Camera
3. Monitor
4. Video signal

Configuration with using a scale:

1. Electronic scale
2. Camera
3. Monitor
4. Video signal
5. RS-485
6. RS-232

An example of connecting several sensors:

1. Sensors
2. Camera
3. Monitor
4. Video signal

Example of application

This video shows an example osd system, for analog HD cameras based on arduino nano. 
The following elements were used for the construction: 
OSD-50HD responsible 
for displaying graphics and text, arduino nano, PORT-22 - interface for arduino, microsd card connector and sensors. 
The following sensors were used: DS18B20 - temperature measurement, 
HC-SR04 - ultrasonic distance measurement, MPU-6050 - gyroscope and accelerometer, analogue joystick.
Schematics, source code and libraries available in the download tab.


Data Sheet

100 KB

Manual EN

315 kB

Firmware and documentation v1.34.2

9 MB


Dimensions (L x W x H)
125x65x30 mm
Gross Weight
0.118 kg
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